In China launched a new aircraft carrier

In China launched a new aircraft carrier
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The aircraft carrier was launched in a solemn ceremony, the ship dressed up with ribbons like a Christmas tree. If the first aircraft carrier China built on the basis of the cruiser that was purchased in Ukraine, then a second aircraft carrier Chinese industry has mastered itself in record time.
The aircraft carrier is not large, it is more like carrying air cruiser than a large aircraft carrier similar to those made in USA or England and travel through the oceans of the world, accompanied by a group cover. Chinese aircraft carrier on the background not a big boat.
For a new aircraft carrier in China has not been able to come up with a name that you choose and that the people decided on the Internet to hold a national vote. Everyone could offer to the new Chinese ship name must be unique. Most proposals came from the young generation of the country, they offer to call the ship "皮皮虾", which translates as a mantis shrimp, and pronounced in Russian as "Pipi Xia". For such a strange name made his voice more than 1.37 million people, data recently published edition of the "South China Morning Post".
It was also called "sun Wukong" and "Taiwan", the first is associated with the literary character of Chinese fairy tales, and the second with China, which is gradually integrated into the General context of the country.
Chinese official from the Ministry of defense of China, after a pause, said that the office does not hesitate to call the ship "皮皮虾", as it`s still early on the name to say. The ship just launched, and in operation it will enter in 2020 and in 2020 and will decide with the name of the ship.
Carrier yet similar to the empty trough without stuffing. Welded bottom, welded the bulkhead and flushed it down the building on the water, now you need a ship equipped with weapons that stretch the miles of cables and mount all the control. The work is still very, very much. Collected ship in the shipyard in Dalian, lowered the ship in the spring of 2017. The ship has not yet floats through the world`s oceans, so we can see not is soon the question of his name.
Probably interesting to know exactly why the Chinese decided to name the ship in honor of cancer mantis? All probably the fact that the Chinese love to eat seafood and a mantis shrimp is a favorite delicacy of the Chinese. The Chinese invented many interesting in honor of the cancer mantis, there`s even a school "WUSHU" style "praying Mantis", which is supposedly the founders of the schools were copied from the habits of this water dweller. The Chinese sometimes in conversations use a slang expression:"Come on, the mantis shrimp!". Say that when someone landed hard alcohol and not allowed to go home.

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