China would like to invite you to the victory parade in Beijing military contingent from Russia

China would like to invite you to the victory parade in Beijing military contingent from Russia
Перевод на русский язык...
Next to Putin at the podium during a ceremonial parade was also attended by the leader of China, who is clearly pleased with what perseverance and patience was preparing a parade for victory day on red square in Moscow. Soon there will be a ceremonial parade on the occasion of the victory in China, the country is leaders are eager wish in the victory parade in Beijing was attended by soldiers from Russia, the parade will be held in Beijing in September. News shared Agency Business Insider. All excited, only American leaders in the bitterness, they see such friendly relations between the two countries do not like. The Pentagon criticizes China for its close military relations with Russia. They also do not really like the idea to invite the Russian military in the celebration of the victory parade marking the end of World war II in Beijing. Chinese leaders apparently not too interested on the subject, anyone is opinion, it is personal and the country who wants and invites to the celebration. With high probability we can say that on the podium will not be many politicians from Europe, the fact that at this time there absolutely not think so as in China and Russia with regard to the outcome of the Second World war. China has conducted and is conducting its personal policy and always a parade is held with great pathos, this time it needs to be steeper to somehow outdo Russia in this direction.

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Line speediest train is started In China

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the December 26 in China have started in deal the too long railway pathway on which will be able to move the speed train. The Route is listed as G502 and has connected two high developed in industrial attitude of the city Guanichzhou and Pekin. The Distance between these two cities 2 298 km. The Train преодолеет this distance on velocities in 300 km whole for 8 hours. Usual composition spent on the whole way day, but also that if average velocity on route was 100 km. China constantly modernizes the railway and are chosen area with big passenger turn just. Basically this industrial centres. On given time in China already marketed too long pathway of the speed message.
Today in Ambience composition number 801 successfully went to the first way from station Peking aside Guanichzhou. Departure time 9 mornings. Simultaneously on one and the same route go three trains with difference at time. One came out of Pekin, the second came out of Hanchzhou, but the third came out of city Siani.
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