In China increased level of protection in the IT sector

In China increased level of protection in the IT sector
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The Chinese defense Ministry introduced a number of new measures to enhance the protection of the state of IT resources. All this is done to enable in the future to protect themselves from possible espionage by the USA. Earlier it was reported that the NSA in its time spied on by the Ministry of defense of China, as well as for big companies of the country.
The Chinese like any democratic country is not like when everyone in the country is following Washington and all measures designed to not allow in the future to monitor negotiations and to limit the possibility of interception of departmental data stream.
How actually it is planned to increase security so far not said. But to work in this direction is already in the past month, there was established a special Committee.
The USA accuse China of all the attacks that have taken place to be. All this is nothing more than fantasy. Most likely this statement is similar to the output from Proverbs ?the thief and the hat is burning. The management of the company Huawei also not happy with what the press says knowingly false information on the equipment of company. Software is developed by Huawei for cellular does not have any possibility to use it in order to listen to the calls of subscribers, but the Americans do not agree and are a real informational war.
If you believe what has published a magazine Der Spiegel, it turns out that the Agency NSA USA spied on Huawei Technologies in 2009 very actively. In 2009 just started the company pressure on Huawei Technologies, which neither to what not led. The US has Been only slightly spoil the image of the company and nothing more.
According to Snowden, USA actively spy on all the expanse of the PRC and it needs to end!

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