Banned smart watches in the Chinese army

Banned smart watches in the Chinese army
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Hardly any funny stories from people in China can surprise anyone. Another like this we will share in this time. It came to the soldiers, one a gift and 1.6 million affected people. When new to the Chinese army got from a friend as a gift smart watch, he hardly suspected that what is going to happen that will throw then all in shock. Soldiers became all the comrades to withdraw his Divison, and as a result will make it so that all soldiers in China do not have the right to use such devices for an unlimited period of time. With similar, military men familiar in the Asian country, after it became known what a gift pleasing to the soldiers. The main argument of the government that devices such as smart watches can serve as a method for intercepting and tracking by enemy States. It is for this reason very quickly came into force a ban of such technologies, and will be used by the military. "Device that can make high-quality images and record all that horrible, can in principle be tracked, and all that it contains, read. With this understanding comes the danger to security of classified military information," reads the official publication in the official journal of the military in China. Individual soldiers have confirmed the accuracy of the information and acknowledged that smart watches have been completely banned. This means that 1.6 million people have no right to use such devices in the service. "Prohibition in the army was inspired by the Chinese presenter, who appeared on air with a device similar to the Apple Watch and was accused of "advertising device" is considered the leading American television NBC. It is unlikely, it seems that this is really the reason, but the fact is that in the Chinese army you will not find a person with a smart watch.

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