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Russia and China will be the third time to hold joint naval maneuvers
Russia intends in the future to cooperate more actively with China militarily. In the near future there will be joint maneuvers of the Navy forces of CHINA and RUSSIA, "Sea interaction-2014". Venue maneuvers of the East China sea. In the maneuvers will take part 6 of the military ships on each side. This news was shared by the press service of the Navy of Russia....
In China increased level of protection in the IT sector
The Chinese defense Ministry introduced a number of new measures to enhance the protection of the state of IT resources. All this is done to enable in the future to protect themselves from possible espionage by the USA. Earlier it was reported that the NSA in its time spied on by the Ministry of defense of China, as well as for big companies of the country....
What should be the best Chinese aircraft?
What should be the best Chinese plane? The Chinese army was modernised and Chinese defense complex develops new types of weapons, upgrades old and produces completely new species. Recently opened salon military equipment in Beijing, more known as the Beijing show ?Beijing Aerospace salon?, an event with an enviable regularity is held for the 15th time....
Budget for China army is increased on $114 mlrd
The China Army has got the additional facilities on modernization of the military technology. In 2010 budget military increased on 10% and now China spends on the defence azh 114 mlrd dollars. So at least once told the mass media China, with reference to VSNP, high gosorgan KNR. The Money will go first of all on improvement of the conditions of the service officer and soldier in subdivisions. The Army will get the new sample of the technology....
SYAN-YUN-20 new chinese heavy plane
In China have developed the heavy plane see on image and resemblance already existing in the world analogue. In Russia this IL-76, but in America this C-17. Is identified the plane SYAN-YUN-20, all nodes and detail given machines are created in design laboratory China, this completely chinese development. After termination of all year test given sample of the military technology enters in army. About that, when this will occur while no data....
Exhibitions in China
You could be in China? There so much exhibitions that forms the impression that China lives on wheel. All spin around exhibitions and any presentation. Who that to whom that that yes shows each minute. All probably understandable become when understand that China stands on the first place both on export goods, and on import....
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A new gasmain will be In China worth of $20 mlrd
China build the gasmain, which will connect west and east part of country and will allow on the one hand country to transport the gas in that area where he in deficit. The Cost given pathways is valued in 20 mlrd of the dollars. If compare the project with Russian scale project North flow , that amount of the contract on 5 mlrd of the dollars bolishe.
In world practical person are at the point erected several gasmains, one on North of the Russia, another on Alaska, so chinese project on the price occupies average price expenseses.
Begin pipe line стартует with city Horgos and will get through the whole territory China to East-Chinese epidemic deathes. The Total extent to pathways beside 7378 km on 10 provinces. On road of the gasmain will several rather large branches. Build the chinese specialists quickly and qualitative and already in 2015 main pipe line will be in work is accepted. The Total reception capacity of the gasmain of the order 30 mlrd cube of the gas. The Main share of the gasmain will be delivered from Central Asia, but rest gas will be gained in provinces Siniczyan.
Money on building so powerful gasmain is chosen most big national company, which concerns with mining to oils and gas. The Company is identified CNPC, it in project to main investments, in the same way in construction takes part company Baosteel and Fund of the social insurance. If money will little in process construction, that fund to attract else facility other quotient investor.
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