In China, the percentage of goods transported by river transport is growing

In China, the percentage of goods transported by river transport is growing
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The Chinese economy is growing, and the world economy as a whole has slowed down and more and more analysts believe that the world is on the verge of a Grand crisis associated with the fact that China is concentrating the lion`s share of all production capacity. China in its role in the world economy is nothing more than a factory about the production of goods and services, but this factory is very large.
In China, growth is all, even transportation by river transport go uphill. According to experts, in the first months of this year, the growth of cargo transportation by rivers increased by 6.6%. In a place with this growing the entire consumer industry and services. In this niche, e-Commerce occupies the lion`s share, and together with the delivery service, trading platforms directly without warehouses work with consumers at much lower prices than in the other non-Chinese world. Everyone is wondering why the Chinese economy is growing, and for example the Russian one is not? Or why the American economy is not growing as fast as the Chinese. The answer is simple. The Chinese simply do not pay extra for their work, and the funds that are not paid extra in the form of investment in the country`s economy. This is the same model of development as in the Soviet Union. As you can see, with all due respect to China, this is a road to nowhere. As long as there is growth, as long as there is a sense to live in the country, as there will be no growth, everything will go to pieces and China as a huge country will cease to exist. If Chinese workers were paid for their work in the same way as in the US, China`s economy would not grow by leaps and bounds, there would simply be no money for growth. It is difficult to apply such a model to Russia at all, here and so everyone does not live richly, if still underpaid, and the money to accumulate and invest in the economy, then in years the people will simply die out or flee to the same China, where the conditions for business are already largely better than in Russia, and the standard of living even with such a system is also higher.
And so, if we return to the figures, it turns out that from the beginning of the year to the end of March 2019, a total of 3.15 billion tons were transported along the rivers of China. This is more by 6.6% compared to the same period last year. The data are more than accurate, they were published by experts of the Shanghai research center for international shipping. Rivers in China began to swim more often, the flow increased by 15.4%. This happened after the work on the deepening of the bottom in some narrow rivers on the navigable bed of the Yangtze river. Now the river is free to go vessels of 200 thousand tons. They go to the ports of Wuxi, Nanjing, Zhenjiang and even further downstream. In these cities, according to statistics, they delivered 10% more to last year`s figures for the same reporting period.
Analysts are already trying to calculate the volume of goods transported by rivers in 2019, it is clearly projected to increase, but the figure will increase by no more than 9%. Transportation outside the country also increased and first year in this sector an increase of more than 6%. Transport across the country still became more active than abroad, then the country`s growth of 10%, and abroad 6%. So it turns out that the whole system of China is almost a planned economy in terms of capitalist regulation and it still gives a stable growth, but that`s all for now...

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