Meat from Brazil to China is temporarily not sold

Meat from Brazil to China is temporarily not sold
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China is a country that is inherently good only does something out of garbage, and if it comes to something good, then Chinese businessmen begin to buy in other countries of the world. Need oil, buy in Iran. Need gas, buy in Qatar, and when it comes to meat, then Brazil comes first. It is a country with a huge territory and large herds of cows and sheep. Just in order to feed the hungry Chinese workers, so they quickly worked and did no more expensive phones for Europe.
The supply of beef from Brazil was always regular and each year increased somewhat in volume. But recently, the number of cows in Brazil fell ill with mad cow and had to destroy them, which greatly undermined the agreement on the supply of meat to China. This news was published by the Ministry of agriculture of Brazil, the epidemic of spongiform encephalopathy has not yet been stopped. More and more cows are suffering from rabies, farmers are afraid to go out to pasture. As soon as all the rabid Brazilian cows are cured or disposed of, preparations will begin for new beef supplies to China. Brazil has been supplying beef to China since 2015. Last year, Brazil delivered 322,400 tons of quality meat to the table of consumers from China. Earned on these exports, the Brazilian economy is mere pennies, just $ 1.5 billion. In the first quarter of 2019, the supply of meat from Brazil to China amounted to 95,700 tons in the amount of $442.4 million
China in the future will buy meat abroad and will do it more actively, because in China itself, in essence, there is nowhere to grow cows. In the North of the country desert, overpopulation in the South and no pastures, and in the West mountains and Tibet, in the East sea. So that everyone will be able to supply China with meat, unless of course it is beneficial, or except to herd sheep and cows or what not to do. Brazil, though rapidly developing, is still a very backward country, a country in which the lion`s share of the economy is agriculture and the offer from China to buy excess meat is almost a lifeline for Brazil. Russia may also supply meat to China, but in the country it is catastrophically not enough for kebabs, so that from the North food to China is clearly not in the volume as from Brazil. Russia supplies China with wheat and oil, and this is still enough that the people lived a little better than in Africa.

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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
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