At a Sotheby is auction in Hong Kong exhibited a very expensive jewelry

At a Sotheby is auction in Hong Kong exhibited a very expensive jewelry
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The last time an English auction Sotheby is pumped to Asia, all apparently because in this part of the Earth very many rich people, those who would like to spend your money on something luxurious. At the last auction in Hong Kong presented a very expensive necklace and pearl jewelry. Grey pearls are very rare in the jewelry industry material, because of it, and created a collection of jewelry. Pearls natural qualities, all perfectly round size up to 30 mm in diameter. On sale is a total of 42 pearls, they are all composed of the most expensive necklaces, want for it to receive approximately $ 7 million. The cost is so high because the nature of the grey pearls are such a huge size is extremely rare, and the fact that all the pearls are almost the same still adds to the price, so pick the expensive material even more difficult. But that is not all of the pieces presented on a rich auction. There is here also rings and earrings and bracelets. A ring with a huge sapphire all admire. Once again exhibited historical artifacts, you can see the necklace which is over 100 years old and which, when in the past belonged to the wife of the Manager of the British colonies. This necklace at every stage of its existence belonged to many rich and famous, it was even in the collection of the French kings, until sold and is now one of the expensive auctions of the past. The most interesting of which at this time presented a trading house Sotheby is, this ring is "Panther", it is quite old and once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. Now he asked for approximately $ 3 million. There are other less expensive and not as well-known jewelry, it is important perhaps to indicate that sales in Asia are regular, the next auction will take place on 7th October 2015 which are going to sell jewelry in the amount of $ 77 million.

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 Line speediest train is started In China
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