China`s growing demand for used cars

 China`s growing demand for used cars
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In the first months of 2019, used car sales increased significantly. According to statistics From the Association of automotive industry of China, this growth is at +4.3% compared to last year. The growth continues from the beginning of the year, in February it was 1.68%, in March 3.42%. If we transfer everything to the number of used cars, it is about 1.2 million cars. The total cost of all sold cars is about 10.8 billion us dollars. The share of passenger cars is also gradually growing, although compared with last year, the growth is insignificant, and it is approximately 1.93%. At the same time, the Chinese began to buy less used four-wheel drive cars, those cars that consume a lot of gasoline are gradually losing interest, although if we compare the figures for the last year and what can be in 2019, the growth is still there and has been established at about 5.78%. April 2019 was the most unfavorable month for the trade of used cars, as the country held at this time several automobile exhibitions. By the way, in the near future the situation may change, as China allowed from may 2019 to export used cars. Allowed to sell for export cars so far to those areas where their number exceeds the total percentage of the country, it is cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, perhaps this innovation will largely replace the fleet of used cars with newer and cleaner vehicles.

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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
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