In the southern provinces of China grow silk-this business gives many a livelihood

 In the southern provinces of China grow silk-this business gives many a livelihood
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China has been famous for silk production since ancient times. The first mention of the best traditions of sericulture belongs to the dynasty of the Yellow Emperor. The direction itself, though sluggish, but still constantly modernized, in the past in the Han era, silk was produced in large quantities, the technology was then quite developed. During the Tang dynasty, a wide exchange of goods and technologies was established with the Turkic peoples, who were also well known for receiving silk. The exchange of silk cultivation skills allowed China to make a big leap in silk production at that time. While the first foreign dyes for silk are brought to China, this influenced the demand and silk fabrics began to disperse much more actively. The peak of the production of silk and silk products can be called the period from the 15th to the 18th century.
Nanjing for three centuries under a number is considered the center of production of brocade silk fabrics. In the city of Suzhou also make fabric, but a narrower focus. At the same time, the city of Hangzhou has always been considered and is considered the center of sericulture in the country.
If someone does not know, the technical aspect of silk production is quite interesting. At its core, silk production is divided into three components. Each piece is individual hand craft the First thing you need silk to grow, then dissolve the cocoon to yarn, and then weave brocade and silk fabrics. It is for this reason that in recent years silk production has been gaining momentum in the poorest areas in the South of China, in the County of Rong`an city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, almost all the poor people are engaged in the cultivation of mulberry silkworm. This is not a cunning business helps the local peasantry to survive in the conditions of total shortage of jobs in China.
Sericulture is essentially the process of growing silkworm butterflies. 40 days the caterpillar eats the foliage and then begins to build a cocoon. Cocoon turns out great,because the average caterpillar has a length of 8 cm, depending on what color sheets are fed, the caterpillar, and it turns out the color of the cocoon. In the southern provinces of China is easier to find food to get white silk, as throughout a lot of garden mulberry. If the diet of the caterpillar will appear to the mountain mulberry, the color is a bit yellow. There are some oak species that the caterpillars also love, and as a result the silk cocoon is spun brown.
Silk thread is taken from the cocoon, which the mulberry silkworm winds for several days. When the cocoon is ready, it is taken and unwound, previously dissolving the natural adhesive composition of sericin. As a result, after one cocoon is unwound, it turns out the thread is 1000 meters long. Silk easy even in cocoons to receive 1 kg of a thread of silk, it is necessary to unwind at least 18 kg of cocoons. If the Chinese peasants in the County of Rong`an city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, engaged in the cultivation of mulberry silkworm, it is either from poverty or from the desire to make good money, although this work is clearly not easy to name.

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