Where is the biggest dump electronics in China?

Where is the biggest dump electronics in China?
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In China produce most of the electronics in the world, there is probably and you can find a dump of electronics, it should be the greatest. Where in China is the biggest dump electronics. To find this place you need to go to town Huili, it is located in Guangdong province. All have long known that it is here the biggest landfill of waste electronics. The dump is processing production difficult to call, here employs a huge number of employees, then there are 5 thousand of shops, they are processed by 15 thousand tons of garbage every day. Here sort of mobile phones, disk drives, mother boards from old computers, all that was previously made, when all you get for recycling. Garbage deliver here from all over the World! The workers here are working without basic protection, in areas that are sometimes poorly ventilated. All disassembled old using a minimum of fittings , writes Reuters. The sorted elements are melted, there is one receive valuable, very rare and very expensive items. Most of the aluminum, copper and gold. All that failed to get and remove, everything falls into local waterways and pollute the environment. Health benefit from such disassembly no, nature gets a lot of garbage which can no longer cope. In the town stinks permanently plastic, black river, mud everywhere. The researchers tested samples of water in reservoirs and concluded that it is safe to drink at all. The local population in the blood is much higher than you can imagine contains metals and lead impurities. Used electronics imported to China for scrap, and now China itself barely cope with the flow of your do not need electronics. The more electronics for recycling, the more he earns the population of the city. Only China produces garbage from various electronic parts in the amount of 6.1 million tons in one year. USA ahead on this indicator, there is such waste per year to produce 7.2 million tonnes.

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Line speediest train is started In China

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