China is trying to buy up all the gold on the stock exchanges of precious metals

China is trying to buy up all the gold on the stock exchanges of precious metals
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It`s hard to say why and for what purpose Russia and China accumulate gold reserves? Apparently in the next few years something will happen in the world of Finance and really need the equivalent of money.
China having huge cash resources are very actively investing in gold over the past two years, China bought a total of 202 tons of gold, this gold will not be sold and will not serve as a means of calculation, this gold will be stored in the vaults of China to better times. The last purchase of China on the Shanghai stock exchange was lot a total weight of 71 tonnes of gold. China is therefore in a leading position for the purchase of gold in Asia and the World in General. India was left behind in second place, although the country`s population has more than in China and the cult of gold there is thriving much more vigorously than in China. Russia is also not lagging behind in 2014 in the bins got 152 tons of gold. In 2015-2016 the purchase of gold does not stop.
All gold mining companies Worldwide in the total volume does not produce more than 60 tons per week. So that to buy all the gold mined even for one year will need more money than Russia and China together. Gold is widely used in electronic industry, is where the lion`s share of world production of precious metals. If someone is buying gold at the moment, when gold is increasing in price, it at least means that the need for the metal inside some of the country also grows. In China, traditional buying of gold takes place on the eve of the New Year celebration in the Chinese calendar. All the wealthy Chinese trying to buy their family and friends what a Golden gift. Moreover, there is no need to wander the shops and choose gold jewelry, just enough to take to the Internet and type in the search "store of gold" and you`ll enjoy a huge selection of different gold jewelry from all the top manufacturers at different prices. Choose what you like!
The 21st CENTURY is not allocated than any of the 20th century, if we compare the purchase of gold then and now in China. In the 20th CENTURY, at the beginning the gold was mainly as investment capital. In Shanghai in 1930 he founded the Asian Shanghai gold exchange, now on this site trading all who would want to sell gold or precious metals. Among the regular customers on the Shanghai stock exchange you can see HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. Since 2002, everyone who has gold can trade, the ban on private investors is cleared. With 2002, the gold exchange in Shanghai has become the largest platform for gold assets in the world.

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