China`s growing production of integrated circuits

China`s growing production of integrated circuits
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Many believe that China has actually achieved something in the production and development of integrated circuits. It rather seems so, in fact, China is a large American factory, Chinese workers, and all American technology and if overseas someone wants to destroy the Chinese electronics industry, it can be done without any difficulties. A striking example is what is happening with Huawei. Chips it is their own doing based on the ARM core, but it is constantly developing. And everything that is done from computers to cell phones, everything is done on the basis of foreign technologies and while China has a license and markets are open, so far it is possible to talk about the qualitative growth of chip production in the country. In fact, all that is being done in China is just a desire to do better, based on the knowledge base of Western civilization. The desire is to make high-quality electronics, but there are few obvious opportunities... From the position of China, everything looks different, China is doing well and the country even offers to establish component production of electronics in other countries of the world, so at least you can understand the speech of the Deputy Minister of industry and information of China Wang Zhijun at one of the economic forums. Since 2012, China has seen a large increase in the production of integrated circuits, each year produced 20% more than in the previous year. Last 2018, the industry sold products worth 94.77 billion us dollars. The Chinese Minister also said that the country is increasing the production of chips. For example the Chinese company Huawei has in all stamps developed in the United States chips Kirin 980 on the basis 7нн process. Developed these chips company with an office in the United States, a subsidiary of Huawei called HiSilicon. And if you imagine that sanctions will work against this subsidiary, then in the end, China and Huawei will not have anything except workers and the desire to do something. The Chinese have very little of their own. If the whole world will support the slogan of their product "Made not in China", economic growth the growth of China`s end, but on the country it will be possible to put a fat point.

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Line speediest train is started In China

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