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Search service Baidu
The Positions to popularity of the chinese search service obviously not in the best form. The Process to reanimations goes apace. Therefor, get interest to search service held on former level of the leaders Baidu solved to issue in issue all the manner of given blogs from service....
The Prohibition for Apple iPad 2 on local China
Goes the following stage an stop to sale telephone to companies Apple on territory local China. Now already on request of the companies Apple and big internet shop Amazon.com ceased to sell on Chinese market tablets iPad 2 though exact acknowledgement given fact while no, but here is as of from seller of the electronics Apple some questions in this direction all are present....
Company Apple in China
Company Apple has broken right on use the word iPad in China The Company Apple what turns out to be broke the right on possession brend label by word iPad in China. The Word iPad since 2001 is used as label on monitor produced one of the affiliated enterprise to companies Proview. So that one of the subdivisions to companies Proview requires as minimum of the apologies for breach of the copyrights in respect of word iPad in China....
Microsoft have many claims on pirate soft in China.
Microsoft have many claims on pirate soft in China. The American company Microsoft not too pleased that her money does not pay the Chinese producer (what exactly is not indicated), but company confirms that chinese retail networks put pirate soft on released in China of the computer technology. Put not license programms package Windows and Office....
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A new gasmain will be In China worth of $20 mlrd
China build the gasmain, which will connect west and east part of country and will allow on the one hand country to transport the gas in that area where he in deficit. The Cost given pathways is valued in 20 mlrd of the dollars. If compare the project with Russian scale project North flow , that amount of the contract on 5 mlrd of the dollars bolishe.
In world practical person are at the point erected several gasmains, one on North of the Russia, another on Alaska, so chinese project on the price occupies average price expenseses.
Begin pipe line стартует with city Horgos and will get through the whole territory China to East-Chinese epidemic deathes. The Total extent to pathways beside 7378 km on 10 provinces. On road of the gasmain will several rather large branches. Build the chinese specialists quickly and qualitative and already in 2015 main pipe line will be in work is accepted. The Total reception capacity of the gasmain of the order 30 mlrd cube of the gas. The Main share of the gasmain will be delivered from Central Asia, but rest gas will be gained in provinces Siniczyan.
Money on building so powerful gasmain is chosen most big national company, which concerns with mining to oils and gas. The Company is identified CNPC, it in project to main investments, in the same way in construction takes part company Baosteel and Fund of the social insurance. If money will little in process construction, that fund to attract else facility other quotient investor.
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