China has conducted a successful experiment on quantum teleportation
About what quantum teleportation is probably academic science have all put in his ears. Everything that everyone knows about quantum teleportation from the right side and part no. If we operate in the space which studies the physics of various uncertainties, in this direction, Chinese scientists achieved great heights, they were able to send almost instant the particle is at a distance of 1....

If you have been there where many large buildings in an open area, you probably noticed that the tops of buildings move just a bit when the wind is strong, the upper floors of larger buildings sometimes have a deviation of up to one meter and it is quite normal. If you make a rigid design, the building is just broken in a strong wind in half......
The Chinese are learning not to sit in stuffy offices
The Chinese practice does not seek learned at the University to sit in a comfortable office chair. They all dream about their own business, at least on a small and cozy cafe:) What a year, graduates in China, more and more, when the students, now full-fledged entrepreneurs, all want someone to work, and to have their job and so they worked....

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A new gasmain will be In China worth of $20 mlrd
China build the gasmain, which will connect west and east part of country and will allow on the one hand country to transport the gas in that area where he in deficit. The Cost given pathways is valued in 20 mlrd of the dollars. If compare the project with Russian scale project North flow , that amount of the contract on 5 mlrd of the dollars bolishe.
In world practical person are at the point erected several gasmains, one on North of the Russia, another on Alaska, so chinese project on the price occupies average price expenseses.
Begin pipe line стартует with city Horgos and will get through the whole territory China to East-Chinese epidemic deathes. The Total extent to pathways beside 7378 km on 10 provinces. On road of the gasmain will several rather large branches. Build the chinese specialists quickly and qualitative and already in 2015 main pipe line will be in work is accepted. The Total reception capacity of the gasmain of the order 30 mlrd cube of the gas. The Main share of the gasmain will be delivered from Central Asia, but rest gas will be gained in provinces Siniczyan.
Money on building so powerful gasmain is chosen most big national company, which concerns with mining to oils and gas. The Company is identified CNPC, it in project to main investments, in the same way in construction takes part company Baosteel and Fund of the social insurance. If money will little in process construction, that fund to attract else facility other quotient investor.
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