China intends to protect the Great wall of China with the help of artificial intelligence

China intends to protect the Great wall of China with the help of artificial intelligence
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In China, we decided to use artificial intelligence to observe the order on The great wall. The system will use a bunch of drones and special surveillance cameras. With the help of all this Armada not big robots are going to carry out a comprehensive restoration of the ancient wall.
In China, with due responsibility to observe the monuments associated with the past and present of China, all that can be restored in time and saved in due form for future generations. The great wall of China is the most amazing and the most unique in the grandiosity of the monument in the country to keep it in good condition one desire was not enough, you need more electronic assistant.
The wall stretches for many thousands of kilometers and is opposed to the constantly blowing winds from the North and from the South , the natural erosion much destroys the monument of ancient architecture, and if the time scale does not take action on the reconstruction, the object may be destroyed before it is fully restored. Even in terms of protection and surveillance of the wall huge difficulties, and the Chinese themselves are not careful to their ancient values, for all you need to closely monitor, and then stretch the wall bricks and build a house not far from the ruins of the ancient monument.
There is another problem on which it is difficult to do something other than surveillance by drones, on a large plot of the Chinese wall lies in hard-to-reach areas, so easy to get there does not work. Sometimes the wall is on the edge of a cliff or precipice, sometimes rises into the mountains, but most often passes through the wooded area where it is difficult to see something or see at great distances.
It is difficult to imagine the system of restoration of the wall on the basis of drones, but the decision to carry out this reconstruction has already been made. The Chinese themselves have not come up with anything, will use American technology based on systems from the company "Intel". Drones will initially patrol along the wall and detect violations and destructions at different sites. It is important to detect a crack in the wall at an early stage, when the repair can be carried out at minimal cost. All drones in real time to interview a person will be difficult, so it will be used a special program with artificial intelligence. If everything works as planned, it will be a super decision in terms of protection and maintenance of the monument of antiquity.

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