New information about Great Chinese wall.

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New information about Great Chinese wall. Ranee was considered that great chinese wall already it is enough studied building on North China, but the last archeological prospecting in given direction refused the last postult.
As from 2007 Chinese academy of the sciences intently studied all connected with Great Chinese wall and here is chinese mass media have ed the data that cue what knowledges about given construction all come to revise. That known and well known part Chinese wall belongs to the epoch of the Mines (1368 - 1644), and the general long chain sewer approximately 8, 85 thousand kilometer. But on given time already exactly known that at different periods of the chinese history wall built and reconstructed. And if all discovered for all timeses piece of wall put in one row, that is got great chinese wall by extent more than 21 thousand km. On given time from the most ancient piece wall possible only to see only foundation blocks. Leaves so that 74 percents wall are completely destroyed and only that part that was built at period of the dynasties of the Mines in behooving condition. The Chinese wall this the most main monument in China, possible say the symbol of China. Have Begun its build in that timeses, when China was crushed on kindom and they between itself waged war. This approximately 5-3 ages before our era. Now clear exactly that Great Chinese wall this not unadulterated building built at period of one dynasties, this buildings built in different timeses by miscellaneous ruler for protection from enemy.

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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
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