The quality of medical services in China

The quality of medical services in China
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Medicine in China has a very long history, many medical practices of the population is accepted as dogma, but practice shows that the treatment according to Chinese methods has its own advantages. A huge range of diseases of the Chinese medical cure for their methods on the basis of their developments. Many drugs that have been opened in China are very widely used around the World and gained a lot of popularity. Chinese medicine has a great experience in terms of prevention and therapeutic treatment of various ailments, although surgery is not far behind in their achievements. Genetic engineering and implantation in China possible at the highest level, the results confirming that there is a lot of them.
the Origin of medicine in China.
For the first time if you believe the ancient records of practical medicine was in the period when the Emperor Shen-Nung, the period of his reign occurred in the 2700 BC. The Emperor was fond of herbs and tried to describe their influence on the human body, he was able to systematize their knowledge and to produce a treatise on herbal medicine, it describes the impact of more than 100 different species of plants. Also in this period appeared the practice of acupuncture. To the first works on medicine in China can be attributed to the work "Nacin", historians believe that the Emperor Huang di was the author of this collection of recommendations for treatment. The Emperor lived in the period 2698-2599 BC At the beginning of the formation of the medicine she was very religious, all the canons of healing were not at odds with religion and partly with magic. For the database were taken from the world of Yin and Yang and the five elements. The Chinese people today believe that if the balance between the energies is violated, then this is the way to disease. Methods of diagnosis and treatment in China is not exactly like in Europe or America. In ancient times, doctors China not practiced autopsy and for a long time did not know what is in the cavity of the human body. As a result, the first description of a person from the Chinese point of view more like fiction. However, Chinese doctors knew a lot about blood system, many diseases are defined in terms of what the pulse of the patient. In order to give an accurate diagnosis by pulse needed to measure the pulse at different points of the body. In a special book indicates more than 200 different readings of the pulse. There were 26 cases that were signs of an impending death. < / br> Therapy in Ancient China
The ancient healers of many diseases treated by suggestion and by using different kinds of rituals. One of the first and important rituals associated with the signature, the essence is that like cures like. Gallbladder disease was treated with herbs it is yellow and the plants or drugs were shaped like the forum of the liver. At this time there are more than 2000 recipes that have survived from the past, on the basis of many of them created and successfully used a variety of therapeutic tools.

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