Unusual virus escaped to freedom in China

Unusual virus escaped to freedom in China
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The news that a strange epidemic is raging somewhere in China has already struck everyone. They write that about 44 people were hospitalized with strange symptoms. 11 patients in very critical condition. Moreover, no one can yet exactly find the cause of the disease, the virus that causes this manifestation has not been identified. There is no virus, there is no solution to the disease. It is likely in the future, if this Уlaboratory" virus gets somewhere else, then it will cause troubles and something to do with it will not be a really difficult task. This is a very effective biological weapon, which apparently escaped from the laboratories of China.
In hospitals, doctors are still trying to identify a viral infection and, by some signs, they can be distinguished at an early stage from the usual respiratory infections. Probably while they are looking for one virus, it will change and in the future it will be necessary to look for more than one virus, but several iterations of the original parasite at once. Nothing in this world simply appears and when the media reports that the virus is unknown, they at least lie, any product has an author, everyone in China apparently knows about it, but does not want to point a finger. If you want to know more about this rare virus, then this topic has a good article on the Livescience.com portal. Strange, but all the sick live in the same city of Wuhan, it is not difficult to guess that the laboratory from which the dangerous parasite leaked occurred somewhere nearby. So far, doctors are trying to localize the source of infection and are looking for everyone who has contacted previously infected people. Probably the city is still closed to the public. Now epidemiologists are inclined to think that the disease came from the seafood market, but no one can somehow confirm this hypothesis.
Step by step, the known and possibly mutating viruses drop out from the list of suspects. Avian influenza or adenovirus infection is no longer known for sure.
Something similar to the initial stage of the spread of SARS occurred in 2002-2003, when a strange infection appeared in 26 countries and claimed the lives of more than 600 people in China alone. It is believed that this viral infection again came from China and it was in China that it did the most harm.
Although atypical pneumonia is defeated everywhere and there are no epidemics yet, it is nevertheless worth knowing exactly what is causing such a serious illness. The virus spreads through the air and in direct contact with the patient. The virus infects others by airborne droplets. Symptoms of SARS (SARS or SARS) are in many ways similar to both flu and common pneumonia. In any case, the patient has a febrile state, which, if not stopped at an early stage, the patient may die. If you are afraid of SARS, then according to the statement of the World Health Organization back in 2004, this virus was eliminated and no foci of the disease were detected in subsequent years.

One virus was eliminated, and another virus was born again in China, and it is even more insidious atypical pneumonia. What and who, and for what purpose in China, produces different viruses?

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