Chinese couple got married in a special tent, which was suspended high above the ground

Chinese couple got married in a special tent, which was suspended high above the ground
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Chinese couple decided to get married, but not all, and so that the world remembered the event for years to come. In order to realize this idea we decided to hire a special firm, which has agreed to newlyweds to organize something unique. Under one of the high bridges at a decent height, was suspended a special hammock which went first the groom, then the bride and where both vowed to love each other to death.
Such an amazing sight it was able to observe all passers-by, who at that moment was on the bridge. It wasn`t an easy wedding day, it was a wedding in Valentine`s day on the Chinese calendar.
The couple has clearly decided to celebrate their wedding in style and to become famous all over China. Hung the hammock for lovers at high altitude 180 metro, under a bridge. The bridge itself is unique, in China it is called "Bridge of courage".
According to Chinese tradition, the most important to exchange promises of fidelity to each other, and what actually was done at an altitude of 180 meters above the ground.

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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
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