In China are struggling with a negative practice to kidnap the children before the divorce

In China are struggling with a negative practice to kidnap the children before the divorce
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Cases when directly in front of the divorce one of the parents took away the child against the wishes of the other, quite a lot. China has developed an entire technology of children abducted right before the divorce.
For example, the case of the canadian Give Saola that before the divorce, lived with her husband in China. Right before the divorce, the husband took the baby and since then does not see him his mother. Even if you want to find your child, in China it is not easy to do, if someone wants to hide the baby, hide it and even it will be difficult to find without a conflict with them will not be able to see you.
The court must decide who will have a son, the woman in court tried to solve the problem and assumed that the court will rule in her favor and she becomes the guardian of her son. But alas, the court ruled that the son should be with his father than with his mother, allegedly for mental health will be better and of such judicial decisions in China more than a dozen. As a rule the judge to decide in favor of the parent with whom the child lives at the time of filing a claim. The decision the court takes because he considers that it is not necessary to hurt the child, because he already lives with one parent and it is taken care of. If so resolved by the court, some parents go to the trick and kidnap the baby earlier than going to file a lawsuit in court. To kidnap the father of the son is not difficult, this practice in China, worked and works because the courts did not correctly assess the opportunities of each parent in the upbringing of their child. There are no official statistics, which according to over 60% of the cases of abduction of children from families connected with the future of the swing process. Apparently in judicial practice, China has formed such a pattern that the courts simply do not consider it necessary to delve into the issue and just do not study the matter at the proper level, just take a formal decision and close the case. It is certainly possible to put forward the idea that the kidnapping provoked by love of a parent to the child, but in fact it turns out that both are equal parents as much I love my child. In fact, judges should consider the fact that the kidnapping itself is already a trauma for life for the little guy and it must be something with this problem to do.
You need to do and are doing! In the past year has adjusted the legislative framework in relation to domestic violence. Now, if one of the parents before the divorce, does not see other parent with the child can be interpreted as a form of domestic violence. That such positive developments can be observed in the Chinese justice system.

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