For a bride in Russia tour for wealthy suitors China

For a bride in Russia tour for wealthy suitors China
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This experience has long been practiced in Kazakhstan, there are full search for not expensive brides in neighboring Kyrgyzstan, the more that people almost the same, model differences, but there are differences in quality of life. To live in Kyrgyzstan, this is tantamount to fall into the last century, there is cellular communication appeared only in 2007, in Europe it has already been used in all at the end of last century. Economic difference and the difference in the level of life encourages such disasters. When to find a bride somewhere in a poor country is easier than finding it at his side. The requirements are different, it`s difficult to choose.
As you know the standard of living in China is much higher than in Russia, that is why many Russian girls are considering to marry a wealthy Chinese man and move with him to live in China. There is demand and supply. The first batch of wealthy suitors has arrived to Khabarovsk to search for brides. More details can be found on the Chinese portal If you are in the Chinese language do not understand any of that, the news also shares in a broader sense, the website in the Russian language. See and understand that something not right is happening in Russia, since brides driven to where in principle it should not do.
In order to go to this tour need to meet the selection criterion. Financial condition should be at a good level. Age should be within the range 25-46 years. Applicants brides in Khabarovsk gathered across China from Shanghai to Shenzhen. In order to organize the wedding tour took more than a year, it was difficult however to find wealthy Chinese who would like to marry the poor Russian beauties:) On arrival in Khabarovsk brides for their China showed the beauties under the age of 35 years. The pair communicated through interpreters. In Russia there is no shortage of men in Russia there is a shortage of funds for normal existence of the family. This fact is the main reason that women from Khabarovsk do not mind to marry a Chinese and have to leave the country.
Probably Russian women know little Chinese men, because they consider them to be respectful and respectful gentlemen. Maybe so, but gentlemen with a sense of homeland and their roots are not looking for a wife abroad, they are looking for a maid. The result from such a company already have five pairs already formed and as a result Russia has lost five more beautiful girls.

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 Line speediest train is started In China
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