In China have visibly become less have children!

In China have visibly become less have children!
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You can be happy for China, there is finally for so many years there has been a reduction in the number of children born per year. We studied statistics in 31 provinces across the country. Everything else is not forgotten and took into account those Chinese who have left and live at the moment not in China. Over the past quarter, China`s population increased by 5.3 million children and now the country is actually home to 1 billion 395.38 million people. This information is not secret about it, even told the staff of the State statistical office /GUS/, China`s Xinhua news Agency. For the whole of 2018 in China was born 15.23 million kids, but given the fact that during the same period in the country disappeared from the face of the Earth 9.93 million people, it turns out that the actual increase is not so catastrophic. As a result, smart Chinese robots calculated and it turned out that for the first time the increase was insignificant, but decreased.
Now China is home to women-681.87 million people, and men much more-713.51 million people, apparently such a significant difference and does not allow the birth rate to grow significantly. For every 100 men there are 96 women, that is, 4 men are forced to go to other countries in order to find a life partner. The working population in China, a considerable number, about 897,29 million people, counting was conducted in the framework of the age from 16 till 59 years. Working to the total mass of the population 64%. Those who can be called pensioners, those whose age is more than 60 years, such in China 249.49 million people. Estimated even the number of people who are 65 years old and such as is 166.58 million people. In China, as in other cities, as a rule, the population of the city is growing, and the villages are dilapidated. Over the past year, the population of cities has increased by 18% and now the cities are home to about 831.37 million people. 564.01 million people live in the village now. Here is a China country of bad and not quality goods, a country that distributes its services around the world, which in essence are not needed by anyone, since they benefit less than harm. The economy is sagging, the standard of living is falling, and the meaning of life is lost somewhere.

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Line speediest train is started In China

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