Chinese was riding home on my bike, but delle went a completely different direction on 500 km

Chinese was riding home on my bike, but delle went a completely different direction on 500 km
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The man decided to go home by bike. EMU was important for this vote to mark the beginning of a new year and the beginning of spring. The man was driving about a month, and when he realized that he was going in the wrong direction, he has already overcome the distance of 500 km.
While riding the Chinese we did not think, he drove South of the city of Rizhao and headed towards the city of Qiqihar in northeast China, but somehow was not far from the city of the Ear, there is ego and was found by police and questioned. Was expensive is even more difficult and confusing, if he went through it, then the EMU would have to overcome the order of 2450 km in a North-easterly direction.
It all began as if with the good thoughts, the man decided to go to visit his family and stay with them for Chinese New year celebration started on January 28, all probably would have happened if I had not decided to go home on a bike on Chinese roads with Chinese signs. It turns out that the drivers and they, who by the way was found in the cyclist misled, all ego directed in the southern direction instead of North. Why he went there still a mystery, but it is known that originally the Chinese had no money for a ticket in train us a plane ticket to his hometown.
The police were surprised that a man in such a decrepit bike with a district Rizhao in East China`s Shandong province decided to get to the district of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang province, to spend with family Christmas Holidays. Voice is so, it is both rich and poor China, if you think that in China everything is super, then you are deeply mistaken, this is awful poor country, and there`s a live well in the cities and big seaside districts, the North of China is as deserted as our Siberia. Russia in this respect China is no different, in Russia only and you can live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but somewhere in Primorsky Krai life is compared with the process of survival. Europe a bit in this respect more convenient, but probably because it is very small in size, but has a very large population.

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