China banned the New York Times, which is sold in the online store iTunes

China banned the New York Times, which is sold in the online store iTunes
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The New York Times is not quite in the spirit of the time news reports about life in China that are attracted to the blocking of this publication in 2012. Since the publication in the usual way on the media market of China does not fall, in order to capture the audience and pump her brains are all available on the Internet.
For several years in the online Apple store exhibited the application of the New York Times, it allows you to read news in Chinese and in English. It was possible earlier, but now not even this app has been removed from the Windows of this store. The Chinese authorities believe that this media resource is not really adequately describes the situation in the World and in China in particular. Banned in 2012, this newspaper for a series of not entirely truthful publications of government circles, in particular, discussed the life of the Prime Minister of China. If China is the law and it breaks the application, then this application should not be distributed in the country, in advance notify the user of Apple.
Do not think that this paper in China is simply impossible to read! Not at all, there are opportunities to read, but few will be those able to use to spend for some out there articles about life in China, moreover, to reprint and publish it, no one will dare, the violation of law is punished severely.
In China at this time is the "Great Chinese firewall" is a system that protects residents of the country from different online second-rate fiction. Those who would like to read the New York Times, those around this system and without too much pathos acquainted with the insights of Western journalists.
Chinese experts well-watching how information from outside enters the country and if it comes not quite in the form it sees the Communist party of China, it just goes into the trash can. In this kind of trash got more than one app from the online store of Apple. The Internet in China also blocked the websites of online editions of CNN, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, but their applications in the Apple stores yet, you can download. Apparently it`s not for long and soon the Supervisory authorities of the country and this loophole closed down.

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 Line speediest train is started In China
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