Undersea station build In China

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Scientifically exploratory undersea stanciya in China. The Chinese centre where are at present developed all last models of the naves will in the future be an occupied development of the modules and for undersea laboratory. Exactly in this scientific enterprise have already developed the unique bathyscaph which have tested in Marianskoy trough and have lowered it before deep.
Known that undersea station will weigh as minimum 2600 tons, but size will as minimum on length in 60 metres, but on width 16 metres. The Level see will be whole one, therefore as proekt height to stations will form beside 10 metres. Work in unique condition are able practically 33 persons, who will work in comfort condition long time. In problem scientist who shall work at such undersea laboratory to enter will be a different problems on mastering syllables useful fossilized on day sea and ocean.
But most probably important that greatly distinguishes such a building this possibility to move on greater depth with rather decent velocity. The Station will move on bottom and will be created on type MKS with blending floodgate. Through these ports of the camera on station will enter all necessary material on servicing the people and technical experiment. On estimation specialist painlessly will possible work at such stations before three weeks approximately but afterwards it is necessary will be a people to change. The Crew will consist and 12 specialists, the first actions are intended already on 2015 year.
Therefor, to learn to gain that that with sea depths first it is necessary to do the first step and create the undersea station, but already afterwards master system of the mining useful fossilized itself. In China already on given time is much felt lack cue what resource and given scientific line in the future will possible allow to do the economy China more hung from import arrivals in the field of resource. As judged by guesswork scientist many metals lie not too deeply from sea is given and their wholly real to gain even on greater depth. Where that big depth station will leave on design power in 2030 already. Stands in the same way to add that given station will be going to on element base chinese production completely.
The First attempts to conquer the sea depths have already undertaken and this was a successful lowering of the bathyscaph Czyalun, which have lowered on depth nearly seven km. Due to such here is experiment China became in one level with such world crock as Russian, France.

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