Artifacts of the Northern song dynasty were found in China.

Artifacts of the Northern song dynasty were found in China.
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China is a country with an interesting history. A country where dynasties have ruled for centuries. Recently, the builders have found many interesting artifacts, this porcelain and various decorations, all Dating back to the period 960 - 1127. In these distant times, China was ruled by the Northern song dynasty. Excavations are archaeologists in the province of Anhui. News are described in more detail in the pages of the online edition of Xinhua news. In the near future, the Institute of cultural relics and archeology of Anhui province will tell you more interesting about the findings themselves, but for now it is only in the familiarization channel.
As usual in China is, building something, digging a pit and was surprised to find something amazing, and when the locality is studying archaeology here and sheds light on the date and significance of the artifacts.
On the occasion of the excavator dug burial, it found 13 tombs with different artifacts of past eras. Very much found of ornaments of lacquered wood, antique Chinese porcelain and a lot of gold and silver conventional jewelry. The largest tomb covers an area of 120 square meters and it may have belonged to one large family. In addition to fragments of bones and clothing in the tombs in total there were 50 skillfully made items that at this time have great archaeological value. Scientists now know at least a little more about the times when the Northern song dynasty ruled in the North of the country.

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