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Crop pests in China feel great!
Probably all those who are at home in the garden or on the windowsill that is grown, sometimes faced with pests. This aphids and caterpillars and locusts and different types of diseases and mold. To collect a good harvest of any plant you need at least to monitor pests and time to make fertilizer, so that the plants were not sluggish, but quite healthy. In each country, depending on the conditions conducted raids on pest control....
In the southern provinces of China grow silk-this business gives many a livelihood
China has been famous for silk production since ancient times. The first mention of the best traditions of sericulture belongs to the dynasty of the Yellow Emperor. The direction itself, though sluggish, but still constantly modernized, in the past in the Han era, silk was produced in large quantities, the technology was then quite developed....
If you feed silkworm graphene, the result is a very strong thread
It turns out that graphene is a super material with many potential applications Ц here`s the secret, how to make a strong and "healthy silk." A team of scientists from the University of Tsinghua in Beijing have successfully created a silk that is two times stronger than usual, the result was obtained after taught the worms to consume food pure graphene....

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