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Chinese engineers have created a new type of thermal insulation material
If you believe what the Chinese media report, it turns out that the Chinese sample of thermal insulation material is the best in the world, it is essentially a breakthrough technology. The material parameters are such that it can retain heat in a closed volume for a long time, both at very high temperatures and at low temperatures. It is possible on its basis to make bags refrigerators, the principle of which is very simple....
Weather in Eastern China
In China spring begins in March and April is already in full swing, autumn starts in September and in October is in full swing already. Just at this time in China, and the weather is less stable and less tourists only. With excursions it is better to go in early spring or late autumn. At this time you do not freeze, temperatures average between 20 and 30 above zero....
The Climate Of China
China has a large territory, in the North of the desert, in the South of the tropics. The climate in different regions sometimes completely different. The topography of China is very diverse, there are plains, mountain ranges and coastal regions, the country spans several climatic zones....

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