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In China, archaeologists have discovered previously unknown rock paintings
In China the there, then there builders find in thicker land that the interesting, in of England and in the US so same in greater part of thanks to builders which that are building and perekidyvayut ton undercoat manages find very interesting artifacts absent. This time we will tell you not about what was excavated and evaluated from a new point of view....
In China, the percentage of goods transported by river transport is growing
The Chinese economy is growing, and the world economy as a whole has slowed down and more and more analysts believe that the world is on the verge of a Grand crisis associated with the fact that China is concentrating the lion`s share of all production capacity. China in its role in the world economy is nothing more than a factory about the production of goods and services, but this factory is very large....
China pays great attention to the restoration of the population of endangered sturgeon species
The environmental situation in China largely wants the best. The air is terribly dirty, the rivers are littered with sewage, the soil is strewn with waste. All this is a side effect of the growing economy and insufficient financing of environmental areas. There is a lot of money in China, but they are not enough for everything....

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