In the Future Russia and China will explore deep space together

In the Future Russia and China will explore deep space together
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If the news that circulated the independent experts on the Internet, are true, then in the near future, the tandem of Russia and China achieved not experienced heights in space exploration. Russia has the necessary technology, and China has the money to implement these technologies in diverse scientific programs for the development of outer space. News so shared media from China. For the long term, the Treaty does not apply, but for the next five years will work. Russia and China will jointly develop the lunar program, with the landing of man on the surface. Not hard to see that the modern mission of China`s lunar exploration is a well-used copy of the projects implemented during the Soviet era, the future will be more ambitious projects ( "Luna-25", "Luna-26" and "Luna-27") in which will participate two countries. Apparently the collaboration has been going on for a year and just now decided on that cooperation to tell the world public. Was or was not on the moon the Americans or anyone not already interested, but it is important to note that at this stage the Moon is again in the theme and have a completely new scientific stage. After the alleged flight of Apollo to the moon, interest in the lunar programs, USSR, a few died, and now again has the opportunity to Excel in a better way. America is occupied by Mars, Venus. Russia is no where doesn`t fly yet, because there is no money, but China has a lot of money, but not a normal technology that really somewhere to go. The moon to the Chinese, it is quite an interesting topic, there are very large reserves of helium-3, which can in the future be used for the synthesis reactors and to develop safe huge amount of energy. The Chinese are not waiting for offers from Russia on a joint study space for yourself since 1998, working on the implementation of its lunar program is called Chang`e it, approved it in 2004. Chinese lunar Rover went to the moon and it is part of the lunar program of China, which has already successfully managed to implement at the end of 2013. If countries agree to work together in terms of studying the moon, then the cost will be reduced, and the implementation of the programs will come much sooner. The Chinese want to send to the moon, and this is not that cheap task, if successful, it will be possible to implement missions in more distant parts of the Solar system.

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China has been conducting genetic experiments on human embryos
For many years, China secretly conducted genetic experiments on humans and never confirmed its participation in such programs. But recently something obviously serious happened, China finally boasted of its achievements in the field of genetic modifications in the human embryo. Even in the country she was born a couple of genetically modified Chinese, the twins Lulu and Nana, they now have lifelong immunity to HIV....
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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
the December 26 in China have started in deal the too long railway pathway on which will be able to move the speed train. The Route is listed as G502 and has connected two high developed in industrial attitude of the city Guanichzhou and Pekin. The Distance between these two cities 2 298 km. The Train преодолеет this distance on velocities in 300 km whole for 8 hours. Usual composition spent on the whole way day, but also that if average velocity on route was 100 km. China constantly modernizes the railway and are chosen area with big passenger turn just. Basically this industrial centres. On given time in China already marketed too long pathway of the speed message.
Today in Ambience composition number 801 successfully went to the first way from station Peking aside Guanichzhou. Departure time 9 mornings. Simultaneously on one and the same route go three trains with difference at time. One came out of Pekin, the second came out of Hanchzhou, but the third came out of city Siani.
After started the new railway general extent speed pathways in China reached 9.3 thous. km, but after pair of the years on calculation she already will as minimum in two times long.
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