Chinese lunar Rover - presentation of success

Chinese lunar Rover - presentation of success
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Chinese lunar Rover - presentation success
China waives its lunar program, even in conditions of global crisis and some cuts in many programs, the moon is constantly on hearing from the Chinese leadership.
Everything in the country is working to implement this programme as soon as possible and prove especially to himself that the Moon China obeyed. In the industrial center of China, in Shanghai, experts from China showed their new invention, ?Lunokhod?. This unique device starts to our satellite, the Moon in the Lunar program of China.
The mission is called ?Chane-3?.
At the Rover kind of wheel, three axis, six wheels. Lunokhod will have its own navigation system. The speed with which the device can walk on the moon will be enviable. According to estimates of specialists 200 meters on autopilot for the hour for the device is in principle not a problem. The Lunokhod will be able to overcome and the pitch of no more than 30 degrees. For such device are quite capable of the task, you will need to study the size of the plain over three square kilometers.
Fly this unique device in 2013 in December, if all is successful, China will lay the Foundation for further automatic missions to the moon. In 2030 on the moon landing Chinese astronauts, and after 4 years to the moon will travel automatic probe for soil samples collection and delivery of it on the Earth for further study.

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Line speediest train is started In China

 Line speediest train is started In China
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