The Chinese behave in the same way sloppy in space as on Earth

The Chinese behave in the same way sloppy in space as on Earth
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If you believe what you post, it turns out that without control, the Chinese space station fall into those places on the Earth that even the experts from China do not know. It all started with station Tiangong-1 ("heavenly Palace") is gradually approaching the surface of the planet, where and when it will drop no one knows, although they should be. Because the object is very massive and visible in the dense layers of the atmosphere will not burn completely.
The module weighs approximately 8.5 tons, is too much. The module will gradually decrease and when it will collapse into a controlled fall. So at least the journalists and the British newspaper the DailyMail.
Maybe it`s not so bad and the cunning Chinese have a cunning plan for the fall of such a massive object. To more it was clear probably need to give a statement on the matter from a specialist, in addition to told journalists.
So, a scientist from Harvard University`s Jonathan McDowell (Dr Jonathan McDowell) said:
"At this time the station is in orbit with the closest point to the Earth`s surface at altitudes of 300 km, at this altitude is already a real slowdown in the speed of rotation. So that the fall is inevitable and will happen very soon."
Chinese experts quickly worked the news and announced that the station Tiangong-1 ("heavenly Palace") they no longer controlled, it is in itself flies from the beginning of 2016. The Chinese do not control the flight, and just like the rest of the world is just watching and waiting news where this pile of metal will fall.
Of course, all in one voice trumpeting that the majority will burn, but this does not mean that the equipment weighing up to 100 kg will burn as well. Likely the wreckage will fall to the Ground and the damage will be. It would have been nice if the wreckage fell in the desert or the ocean, but really only God knows who`s going to drop such an expensive gift.

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