Chinese engineers found a new use for graphene

Chinese engineers found a new use for graphene
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If you`re wondering what kind of unique graphene material, there is no need to look for a lot of different literature in order to understand the essence. Graphene it`s the same carbon, but specially grown in a certain structure. This is not the layered structure of graphite, and not strong crystal lattice of a diamond, this is something third, useful and important.
Chinese engineers over the last ten years constantly delight the world with its innovative solutions in the field of modern technologies in different areas of production. The news is very positive, China is going to produce the displays, which in fact will make from ordinary carbon. The resulting display from graphene will be thinner and stronger and at the same time, the paint will be very bright. Manufacturing of displays on the basis of this material is also much cheaper, which should have a positive impact on the price of the final device. First, China has copied and stolen technology, and when stronger and wiser began to create their own unique solutions. China has more and more often in Newspapers and magazines referred to as country creating unique products, and about the fact that this same country when it was engaged in counterfeiting of goods and services of other brands, you`ll manage.
We should also mention the company Guangzhou OED Technologies, which invested a fairly decent amount of money in the production and development of displays based on graphene. The new displays will consume less power and will be used in the production of gadgets and smartphones.
For portable electronics, it is very important that the display was thin and plastic, in this case, the following screen will find more points of use. Experts say that new screens will be much brighter and read books on these displays will be more convenient. In the production of the new screens will be cheaper, their price will be lower, and the quality of transmission of colors at the proper level. In the beginning of next year with high probability it will be able to see in the sale of new screens, this will be the beginning of a graphene screens gadgets from China

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