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China is in interesting with Sahalin!
China is in interesting with Sahalin! If you have a money, that you first or last they will begin to search for using. You will make a stab else money and on such way go the businessmans from Chinese province Polyanin. They are broadly interested in resource of the Sakhalin and try to put the money in this sector of the island exactly....
The longest bridge has been built In China
The longest bridge in the world is built In China ! It Is Paved has connected two large cities Chansha and Chuncin earlier prepared deep ravine. Now bridge of the long stairwell appeared on unique development chinese specialist who is 1176 metr. Bridge is between two mountain top on height 355 metres. Now canyon Dehan not so small on width and is not broken....
In China do get prettier furniture.
In China for furniture! In China possible to go on excursion, but possible go and in business aurochses. One of the profitable aurochs this certainly trip for furniture in China. Except the whole other in China possible else and well repose with cognitive purpose. The East culture rather interesting and original. But chinese master this utter talents in graphic arts. Create practically not repeated masterpieces furniture art....
Budgetary tablet from China.
Relatively, the new chinese company Viota has shown on prestigious exhibition CeBIT 2012 unique tablets on the price under name M970. The Device is collected on chip with one computing kernel ARM Cortex-A8, but controls all by means of touch screen with permit 1024x768 point, operating system Android 4....
Ascend D made by company Huawei
Ascend D made by company Huawei The Chinese producer of the equipment for cellural relationship gradually conquers the market and themselves MS (the MOBILE STATION), BS (the base stations or Sely or Sites, as their else name) were firmly motivated on Russian market. But about this we will tell you when may be, but this time want to present phone from company Huawei on board which there is processor with four kernels with clockrate on 1....
iPhone 4G production China
iPhone 4G s W88 black chinese production excellent copy from that that produces Aple iPhone 4S on 2 Networks. All in english language, but quality of the assembly simply remarkable. That we have after we shall buy the telephone? All practically as beside iphone with type though on funny price. If compare the telephone iPhone W88 fron China with telephone iPHONE 4S, that they simply identical with type, but functions little extended....
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A new gasmain will be In China worth of $20 mlrd
China build the gasmain, which will connect west and east part of country and will allow on the one hand country to transport the gas in that area where he in deficit. The Cost given pathways is valued in 20 mlrd of the dollars. If compare the project with Russian scale project North flow , that amount of the contract on 5 mlrd of the dollars bolishe.
In world practical person are at the point erected several gasmains, one on North of the Russia, another on Alaska, so chinese project on the price occupies average price expenseses.
Begin pipe line стартует with city Horgos and will get through the whole territory China to East-Chinese epidemic deathes. The Total extent to pathways beside 7378 km on 10 provinces. On road of the gasmain will several rather large branches. Build the chinese specialists quickly and qualitative and already in 2015 main pipe line will be in work is accepted. The Total reception capacity of the gasmain of the order 30 mlrd cube of the gas. The Main share of the gasmain will be delivered from Central Asia, but rest gas will be gained in provinces Siniczyan.
Money on building so powerful gasmain is chosen most big national company, which concerns with mining to oils and gas. The Company is identified CNPC, it in project to main investments, in the same way in construction takes part company Baosteel and Fund of the social insurance. If money will little in process construction, that fund to attract else facility other quotient investor.
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