A new smartphone in the Chinese market Ц LeTV Le 1s

A new smartphone in the Chinese market Ц LeTV Le 1s
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As we wrote late Terry Pratchett in one of his books Ц "Sometimes isn`t enough, a Pat on the back to you and pay attention. Sometimes you need to hit him with a hammerУ. In the same way another Chinese brand is trying to force us to pay attention, "showing a Chinese brand", the phone soon goes on the market of smartphones Ц LeTV.
Probably the most inquiring minds have noticed this brand, the company will implement in their devices the new chip from Qualcomm Ц the Snapdragon 820.Or anything special in that decision. As someone wise said that if the market put a single grandmother with seeds, it will sell all the seeds and earn the n-th sum of money, but if the market to plant n-th number of grandmothers with sunflower seeds, then the profit will be "n" squared. And Chinese manufacturers do, they expand, inflate the smartphone market. Models became more and they became to differ even less from each other.
The Chinese define this device as a device for the middle class, but in order to get a better idea about the new features here.
1. The phone was supplied by a 5.5-inch FullHD IPS display
2. 3 GB memory OP
3. 32 GB internal flash memory
4. Core chip with a clock speed of 2.2-GHz, 8-core architecture just Mediatek Helio X10
5.13-megapixel main camera
6. 3000 mAh battery
7. Android OS 5.0,
8. In the presence of a fingerprint scanner
9. Design, aluminum body.
The hammer blow is felt, when you know the price of this middle class in India, where it exits the device in a pilot version Ц it will be 169$.
Here comes the time to reflect Ц after all, the majority of smartphone manufacturers, even Sony, Samsung and Apple, using Chinese labour and Chinese components, everything is going in Chinese factories. Exactly how much profit the company has delivered to the phone with the same features they cost about 300-400-500$, and a Chinese company is going to sell it for 169$ and make a profit. How many blind idolaters, overpays for brand? Is it worth buying what in real life is 300% above its real price?
Well, maybe I exaggerate, but the facts speak for themselves Ц the share of the market in recent years and steadily growing Chinese companies such as Lenovo, Meizu, Huawei and Xiaomi. These companies create an environment of natural selection, which will overwrite the so-called big players. I personally have nothing against, time super went when Sony moved factories outside of Japan, even now ownership of the Vaio passed into Chinese hands, and so on. Let this brief revelation of material to serve as an example for those who still consider China a low-quality source of waste in industrial quantities. This, my dears, is no longer the case.

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