The China on way to tightening the checking to content.

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In internet segment of China? it goes motion aside compactions of the supervision on issue of the known search machines local. As is well known in China two significant search services Baidu and Sohu, exactly them and some institutes chinese look to advise organs on cause of the reduction of the possibility of the origin kiber attacks on territory of the Chinese sector to world network internet.
Chinese institutes to safety have ed the statement from which is seen that goes by pane work toward tightening the supervision for any not very responsible persons. In field interest ministry to safety have got 10 large internet companies. The Real interaction with which can greatly reduce the risk of the arising the fraudulent schemes. Parallel to conduct work with that companies, which must inform the population in time on all sorts of internet aferistah.
Main collaboration large internet companies with financial institutions, consider in Peking. It Is Spared serious attention such structure as Agricultural bank KNR Central bank Kitaya, Chinese bank of the development of the country i.t.d
This already not first attempt to try caught all sorts of swindler in network. Earlier chinese authorities repeatedly reported that structure in chinese internet segment that to have charge of mass content, about real more hard politician of the supervision on all that that can be used in fraudulent celyah.
This is because literally most recently some not clean on hand business man have broken open the site Ssdn and the whole that valuable information that have found there put out in public access. So came up for network proprietary information that in principle must not be under behooving control for content. One of the portal, but more exactly its centre to safety ring to alert, therefore as in network walks more than 50000 given about concrete user. This was the most large haker attack lately on territory of China
After have checked that have strictly stolen, that was realized that from network Ssdn have stolen to passwords and логины from 6000000 users. The Site about programmer and about programmer CSND - an Assotiation of the development of software Kitaya (Chinese software develop net). The Portal already works more than 11 years, but its users this basically programmers specialists from China.
In general that hackers have stolen, that and issued in network. That could decipher that and have published. That passwords were kept in not encoded type this simply breach of all rates and rules to safety...

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 Line speediest train is started In China
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