China tightens regulation of streaming

China tightens regulation of streaming
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If someone thinks that China is a free democracy, that it is a free society, he is clearly mistaken. China is a state with a rigid vertical of power. We can only say that the Chinese party considers it necessary, everything is subordinated to the ruling line of the party. If someone says something, does not, it is controlled and directed in the right direction, methods of influence enough. There is a system of prohibitions, a system of control, a system of education, all directions work in the same direction, in that which is preached by the ruling elite of the country. Many call the Chinese robots, perhaps it is, because they took the most important thing, they have each taken their own opinion, and in return gave what they considered important and necessary and not always with the consent of the people.
In China, there is a war with pornography and illegal publications of various materials. Now began to analyze more closely streaming in the country, all streaming channels are checked for all sorts of banned content in the country. As a chain of six agencies in the country issued their restraining orders that all are required to comply in full or fines and prison.
Those who show streaming video should register a company that represents Internet content in the appropriate authorities. Further, a special permit is issued. All news channels must have a certificate of compliance with the new censorship requirements.
Probably on the one hand it is good that China has decided to limit the broadcasting of video content of obscene, pornographic and violent nature, but after all, under this topic, much and quite another is prohibited to be shown. The country has a submissive society, a society without soul and own opinion, a society that can only clone ideas and is not capable of creating something new and progressive. Such bans will eventually lead the country to complete degradation at the intellectual level.

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