Beidou navigation system in the service of Chinese peasants

Beidou navigation system in the service of Chinese peasants
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The Chinese are increasingly using the charms of the Beidou navigation system in agriculture.this year, the press makes a lot of references to the fact that this system has facilitated the work of farmers in some sense.
On the video hosting you can see a lot of videos on which Chinese tractors in the North-West of the country moving on the field with reference to the navigation "Beidou". All or who are not interested, but the fact is that driving a tractor is no one there. The tractor has a special control system and by means of navigation moves on a field independently. The antenna is essentially the eyes and ears of the tractor, the car can be safely called an unmanned tractor. Tractor farmer drives on the field, puts it on the edge of the arable land and includes a special program, and then everything is already going without the driver. The system itself works so precisely that by the end of the passage in one direction the error does not exceed 3 centimeters per kilometer.
The most famous offline tractor in China is owned by Yihe Agricultural Machinery Operation service company, which is based in Wuzhong city. The farmer in the field has already 7 tractors with navigation system Beidou for rural areas. Apparently, the interest in the Chinese version is high only because there is a special set of equipment three times cheaper than imported counterparts, in the United States, a similar navigation system costs 31682 dollars. By the way, the farmer of the Chinese navigation system responds well, it successfully works even on planting trees nest way, and there accuracy is very important. Interviewing satellites each time when driving tractor can conduct any complexity of agricultural work with a minimum error of a few centimeters per km of passage on the work plan. The use of such technology saves a great resource for the farmer, the efficiency of land use is growing, the cost of agricultural products in the cultivation falls.
The peasants really not too happy about this introduction, because in the mass use of this technology faces tremendous loss of jobs in agriculture. On the other hand, in China, it is difficult to increase the production of farmers in another way, the costs need to be reduced, and it is impossible to reduce them in another way. Online farmers compete with their navigation implementations from Beidou. Someone put it on a tractor that plows a wheat field, someone on the technique that plants seedlings in the forest, and someone installed it on a complex system of planting vegetables. Each direction has its own achievements. In General, the advantages of the Beidou system in China`s agriculture are still the same.

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