Open a new 5* hotel Waldorf Astoria in Beijing

 Open a new 5* hotel Waldorf Astoria in Beijing
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In China build their hotels of the world hotel brands, each year a network of hotels of each brand is developing, new services are rendered, all new hotel services begin working.
Now, a new piece of good news in China earned another hotel series Hilton Worldwide, this hotel run by those who works under the brand of "Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts".
To find the hotel, the time is not necessary, the building is located in the heart of Beijing. In this hotel, all rooms are luxury, of all 176 rooms. The number of such level includes the presence in each room, large TV, good refrigerator, safety Deposit box for documents and mini bar with alcohol. Internet in rooms is free, you can also use a car from the hotel, if you are in a hurry.
There is presidential Suite, is essentially a big house in the hotel. There is a lounge and dining area and a chef who will prepare you suggest anything for 10 people.
If you have free time, then you need to use the fitness centre, you can go for a walk in the pool. If you want to see China, then you need to begin with the tea ceremony, which is best will show in the restaurant Zijin Mansion.
If you would like to collect the conference, there are 800 squares hall, there can be anything to hold. Night in this hotel room will cost 2 400 yuan. Waldorf Astoria Beijing - a godsend for businessmen.

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