Do not take with you to China phones with Android on Board!

Do not take with you to China phones with Android on Board!
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Many probably heard about total control in China. But the control is actually what is at least strange. You can deceive anyone, but not the leading party in the country. Some one-sided and not humane approach. But most interestingly, the Chinese special services apparently do not have enough of their residents, they have decided to control transit passengers.
If you have opened a visa to China, you may be asked to provide border guards to check your mobile phone. What is forbidden in China, in the rest of the world at least not banned. So, before you go to China or fly in transit through this country, decide what you will do with your phone? The solution of course is always there, and it is at least always easier than what his problem gave rise to. News or not news, but it is specially informed tourists. What if you need to transit through China or to China? Do not take a smart phone, take a conventional not expensive dialer. I think it Chinese border a little that you will find, if you even show them the phone. As it seems to me, they will not even take your phone in hand, as the emphasis is on smart gadgets.
Chinese border guards will check the phone to look there for confirmation that you really need to go to the country or really need to fly through the country. What confirmation will look for is already a question, but here are some revises in the firmware of your Android in China are blocked, maybe even banned. So, that causes to experience the sea, but you do not worry, you just do not take a smart gadget or solve the problem in another way.
Border guards will watch your videos, photos, documents and can even see your correspondence history in wechat, WhatsApp, Viber Applications and if they suddenly find a photo of your wife without a bra, then the probability that you will be missed at the border will clearly be lower than when you simply will not have such a smart and expensive phone. Now the movement "Made not in China" is spreading in the world, to paraphrase in a different way and to our topic. You shouldn`t go where you shouldn`t go...

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 Line speediest train is started In China
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