Spring, and the air in China is awful!
With the arrival of spring in China, all is not drastically changed! The weather was depressing, and such, and left! How was shaking China and shakes. Earthquakes here almost always occur with surprising regularity and a certain ominous cycles. Spring in China, it is not only a feast of flowers and nature, it is also a celebration of the New Year on the Chinese calendar....
China again shakes nature
The Asian region earthquake shakes! Earthquakes happen very often, with some regularity. Recently once again in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region was destroyed many houses, says the Agency Today. It was a deep earthquake of great destructive power, the epicenter was in the thick of the Earth at a depth of 4000 meters. At this time you know exactly what 1728 houses were destroyed, and many hundreds of people in distress....
Weather in Eastern China
In China spring begins in March and April is already in full swing, autumn starts in September and in October is in full swing already. Just at this time in China, and the weather is less stable and less tourists only. With excursions it is better to go in early spring or late autumn. At this time you do not freeze, temperatures average between 20 and 30 above zero....
The Climate Of China
China has a large territory, in the North of the desert, in the South of the tropics. The climate in different regions sometimes completely different. The topography of China is very diverse, there are plains, mountain ranges and coastal regions, the country spans several climatic zones....

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A new gasmain will be In China worth of $20 mlrd
China build the gasmain, which will connect west and east part of country and will allow on the one hand country to transport the gas in that area where he in deficit. The Cost given pathways is valued in 20 mlrd of the dollars. If compare the project with Russian scale project North flow , that amount of the contract on 5 mlrd of the dollars bolishe.
In world practical person are at the point erected several gasmains, one on North of the Russia, another on Alaska, so chinese project on the price occupies average price expenseses.
Begin pipe line стартует with city Horgos and will get through the whole territory China to East-Chinese epidemic deathes. The Total extent to pathways beside 7378 km on 10 provinces. On road of the gasmain will several rather large branches. Build the chinese specialists quickly and qualitative and already in 2015 main pipe line will be in work is accepted. The Total reception capacity of the gasmain of the order 30 mlrd cube of the gas. The Main share of the gasmain will be delivered from Central Asia, but rest gas will be gained in provinces Siniczyan.
Money on building so powerful gasmain is chosen most big national company, which concerns with mining to oils and gas. The Company is identified CNPC, it in project to main investments, in the same way in construction takes part company Baosteel and Fund of the social insurance. If money will little in process construction, that fund to attract else facility other quotient investor.
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